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Home Biz Time And Money Savers Lesson 3 of : Wise Time Management Tips

Time for work-at-home entrepreneurs is their
single most valuable asset. Nothing can replace
time…valuable, precious time!

No matter how rich or poor you are, no matter how
many things are on your ‘to-do’ list, you still
just get the regulation twenty-four hours each
day. Sometimes I could use another twenty-four
but that isn’t going to happen. I’ll bet that you
could use more hours in your work day, as well.

The thing about those twenty-four allotted hours
per day is that we can’t spend all of them
working. We have to sleep some of them. We have
to take time to eat and there is the occasional
shower, too.

Our families and our friends require some of our
time. Relationships must be nurtured. So…we can
allow ourselves just so many work hours each day.
Since our working time is limited that means that
we must make the very most of the hours that we
work. We can’t waste time on unimportant details
or on tasks that others can do.

When you shave a few minutes here and a few
minutes there, you will make more efficient use
of your allotted work hours. Here are a few
suggestions and in the interest of saving your
time (and mine), I’ll keep this brief and to the

We all have various email accounts. We use one
account for this and another account for that.
Checking each and every email account more than
once a day can be a time consuming task that you
very easily make less time consuming by having
all of the email that comes to all of your
various email account to come into one gmail
account. One email account takes a lot less time
than several and you can still maintain all of
your various email addresses.

Additionally, you don’t need to spend a lot of
time reading and answering emails that are not
going to add to your bottom line.

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To your success,



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